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We would like to thank the following partners and sponsors from the worlds of business and health care:

"Healthy Living Prize for Europe" category

Dr. Günther Ofner

Member of the Board of Flughafen Wien AG

"A company's success always depends on its employees. Their health, motivation and quality of life are an important part of that. That's why promoting a healthy lifestyle is a crucial cornerstone for Flughafen Wien AG."

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Austrian Companies category

Ludwig Bichler, MBA

Company spokesman
VAMED, Location development and engeneering GmbH 

"Health and quality of life will be some of the biggest challenges in the future. People's ever-increasing life expectancy in particular makes innovative and efficient projects to promote healthy living very important. That's why we as a leading company in the health care sector are pleased to support the Healthy Living Prize."

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Lower Austrian Companies category

KR Gerhard Hutter

Chairman of NÖGKK

"Corporate health promotion is a business in which there are only winners: the company management, who see the company become more successful with a motivated team, the employees, who are happier and healthier in their work, and, not least, the health care industry, because in the long term promoting healthy living is the best way of reducing care costs."

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Austrian Educational Institutions category

Lower Austrian Educational Institutions category

Karin Weißenböck

Managing Director of Moorheilbad Harbach, Lebens.Resort Ottenschlag and Lebens.Med Zentrum Bad Erlach

"As a health care business, it's our responsibility to improve the health of our guests and patients. But we are also keen to improve the health awareness of our employees. That's why we have developed our own "Lifestyle Programmes". Not only do the employees benefit from these personally, but they can also share their personal experiences of healthy living with patients."

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Austrian Municipalities/Cities category

Dr. Peter Harold

Managing Director of HYPO NOE

"As our company is wholly owned by the state of Lower Austria, the health and wellbeing of our employees is a matter of great concern to us and, in fact, essential for a service company like HYPO Niederösterreich. That's why we are very happy to support this important initiative, the 'Healthy Living Prize', in order to raise awareness of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle more widely. Our bank's active health management policy promotes key aspects such as motivation, communication, stress resilience and efficiency. That's why the bank has already made workplace ergonomics a priority and introduced services such as health check-ups and sports injury testing, "healthy" meals in the staff restaurant and steps to avoid burnout. Continuously improving the corporate promotion of good health is a key objective at HYPO Niederösterreich. Our employees are our greatest asset and investment – they are the root of our success!" 

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Lower Austrian Municipalities/Cities category

Bernhard Lackner

Chairman of the Board of NÖ Versicherung AG

"Health and healthy living are very important to NÖ Versicherung because, after all, a company's biggest asset is its employees: 'Mens sana in corpore sano – a healthy mind in a healthy body'. We offer our over 600 employees an extensive and diverse health care programme: annual check-ups, subsidised vaccinations, regular surgery sessions, back exercises and scans. They also benefit from free sensory training during working hours, subsidies for prophylactic dental treatment and glasses or contact lenses, company bikes, free apples for all and much more. The importance of healthy living should be given a higher profile among the general public, and that's why we are supporting the Lower Austrian Healthy Living Prize." 

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