The winners in 2009

Here is a list of all the winners of the Healthy Living Prize 2009.

Municipalities/Cities category

Winner for Austria

Bewegt gesund (Moving for Health)

Vienna's Regional Health Insurance Fund, Karin Eger, Vienna

"Exercise on prescription". Vienna's Regional Health Insurance Fund wants to get lazy couch potatoes on the move with a unique campaign. In the Viennese districts of Favoriten and Rudolfheim-Fünfhaus, the health insurance fund will pay for exercise classes for at-risk patients for a year. A service is being provided for the first time in Austria that is explicitly related to the restructured health checks. Courses are mainly recommended that are even suitable for people who have done no sport for years. Aqua gymnastics, yoga, Pilates and Asian martial arts do not make you sweat much and protect your joints, so they are even suitable for patients who are not in the habit of exercising.

Winner for Lower Austria

Preventive healthcare for 10-15 year olds, focusing on addiction

The "Healthy Community in Neidling" working group, Gabi Cikanek, Neidling/Lower Austria

This year, the "Healthy Community in Neidling" working group has focused on youth work and, once a month, it has organised an afternoon of events for young people aged 10 to 15. As part of their health promotion initiative, the working group organised workshops and seminars on the subject of addiction for parents, teachers, clubs and festival organisers. The aim of the "Neidling Event Afternoons" for 10-15 year olds is to develop the personal skills to enable them to lead a constructive life: awareness of themselves and other people, communication, boosting self-esteem and group dynamics.

Companies category

Winner for Austria

(f)itworks pilot health promotion project for the unemployed in a job centre setting

ÖSB Consulting GmbH, Birgit Pichler, Vienna

The connection between unemployment and illness has been proven in numerous studies. "(f)itworks", a project to promote good health among the long-term unemployed, was launched in April 2007. In the setting of a non-profit recruitment agency, information is gathered about the state of health and behaviour of the participants and their needs. They are offered needs-based, open-access, gender- and diversity-sensitive health services to help them manage stress, boost their health resources and build up their social networks.

Winner for Lower Austria

Healthy and Safe Cleaning

P. Dussmann GmbH in partnership with the regional hospitals in Hollabrunn and Hainburg

Dussmann-Service Österreich launched a pilot project called "Healthy and Safe Cleaning" at the Weinviertel regional hospitals in Hollabrunn and Hainburg. Cleaners in hospitals are under particular pressure because of the high standards that are required there. A "Health Road" has been set up that can be used by any employee who wants to actively address their own health. Based on the results from staff surveys and documentation that was collected, the first Health Report has been produced. Subsequently two health groups were set up at each location, focusing mainly on conveying the message of "mindful movement".

Educational Institutions category

Winner for Austria

Der kleine MUGG – Mir & Uns Geht's Gut (The Little MUGG – You & I are doing OK)

Upper Austrian Health Insurance Fund, Sarah Sebinger, Linz/Upper Austria

The pilot project called "The little MUGG" was launched by the Upper Austrian Health Insurance Fund to try to overcome the health disadvantages suffered by primary school children from a migration background. Taking a holistic approach to the concept of health, the subjects of diet, exercise and psychosocial health are integrated into the normal school day. Teachers are trained to become multipliers and parents are involved as an essential element of a healthy lifestyle.

Winner for Lower Austria

Der Weg ist das Ziel (It's the getting there that counts) – project to promote a healthy lifestyle

Gmünd School Centre, Sabine Kreuzer, Gmünd/Lower Austria

In November 2008, students in the second year of advanced training for business-related occupations at the Gmünd School Centre organised a Health Day at the primary school in Amaliendorf called "It's the getting there that counts". Fun activities were held at the various stalls to teach the children about the four main elements of a healthy lifestyle: healthy eating, exercise, relaxation and a healthy home. Health checks were also carried out by the school doctor. It is hoped that the children will continue on this healthy path, with all its ups, downs and diversions.

Private Initiatives category

Winner for Austria

FrauenLeben-LebensWert (Women's lives worth living) – Zonta networks

Zonta Club Feldbach, Elisabeth Walzl, Feldbach/Styria

Women in the lower social classes are not only disadvantaged in terms of their income but often also have little knowledge of, or access to information about, good health. The project "Women's lives worth living" is an initiative by the Zonta Club in Feldbach. Through motivational talks, opportunities for discussion and just socialising together, the target group is made aware of its own "needs". A parallel "training course" provided by qualified trainers and speakers gives the target group the chance to increase their confidence in key everyday matters.

Winner for Lower Austria

Keep active and stay healthy by walking

Wienerland Hiking and Mountaineering Club, Friedrich Peterka, Langenzersdorf/Lower Austria

Guided walks, dedicated footpaths, initiatives on long-distance footpaths and its own publications. The organisation has been offering guided walks for ALL since 1980. Austria's longest long-distance footpath, the Hainburg - Alpenhauptkamm - Feldkirch route, has been maintained and promoted by Wienerland since 1978. So far over 1500 people have walked some or all of the route. The project has a lasting effect because the participants gain strength, stamina and pleasure over the long term, whatever stage of life they are at.

Jury's Special Prize


EMMA – Eltern mit Kind machen Auszeit (Downtime for parents with children)

Upper Austrian Health Insurance Fund, Elke Ranzenmayr, Linz/Upper Austria

There is currently no similar service in Austria that allows children with disabilities to accompany one parent on their stay at a health resort. One important aspect is the needs-based childcare that is provided during treatment times. With this service, the Upper Austrian Health Insurance Fund is making an important contribution to active health promotion. While staying at the health resort, patients have the rare opportunity to think about themselves and their own health.