The winners in 2018

Winner for Austria

MahlZeit – gemeinsam essen, reden, lachen" [MealTime – eat, talk and laugh together]

Waldviertel Kernland Regional Association, Doris Maurer, MA; Elisabeth Wachter

Eating together and spending time together are the key focus of the "MealTime" project. The target group is unemployed senior citizens. When sharing a meal, you see familiar faces and meet like-minded people, chat, laugh and spend quality time together. The aim of the project is keep older people actively involved in the community for as long as possible. Senior citizens are encouraged to engage in society and become actively involved in the project, in order to help one another and to make their concerns, needs and abilities known.

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Winner for Lower Austria

"Edible" Waidhofen an der Thaya

Healthy Community of Waidhofen/Thaya, Eunike Grahofer; Alfred Sturm

As part of the "Edible Waidhofen" project, public areas are being turned into places that promote healthy living, healthy eating, exercise and social interaction among people of all ages. This is achieved by planting raised beds, bushes and fruit trees in the town park, for example. The greenery is being planted and taken care of by local schools. Pupils can therefore experience the entire growing season, from sowing to harvesting, meaning that they are able to learn the value of healthy food from their own garden. The entire population can also help themselves to the fruit, vegetables and berries.

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Winner for Austria

"Cabin ready for Health"

Austrian Airlines AG, Roswita Klade; Vera Renner

For the Austrian Airlines cabin crew, working on an aeroplane can be particularly stressful due to the specific duties involved. The "Cabin ready for Health" project promotes a healthy lifestyle and personal wellbeing among roughly 2,300 flight attendants. Since 2014, 90 measures have been put in place to promote a healthy workplace, with a particular focus on improving lines of communication. So-called "Health Agents" are now being deployed, who serve as direct points of contact and as intermediaries for cabin-crew concerns.

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Winner for Lower Austria

"Gesundheit führt!" [Health leads the way!]

NÖ Gebietskrankenkasse, Claudia Knierer

The "Health leads the way!" project for encouraging a healthy lifestyle in the workplace places particular emphasis on the inclusion of managerial staff. At seven medium-sized companies in Lower Austria, the existing workplace healthy-living schemes have been expanded to include an executive development programme. The management teams of the respective organisations are addressing the topics of "healthy organisation", "mindful leadership" and "healthy personnel management". Through this programme they have developed a shared understanding of what it means to be healthy, as well as new company structures.

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Winner for Austria


NMS Schrems Middle School, Romana Weisgram, Headteacher

"MOOVE" is a sports project with a regional focus, which aims to encourage pupils to spend their free time being active. Over four days, professional coaches teach children sports that can be played in their local region. The goal here is to demonstrate that there are plenty of suitable opportunities to play sport without having to travel long distances. Each child chooses a sport that they will practice during their four years at school. The project promotes a sense of community, motivates children to exercise and encourages them to make friends.

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Winner for Lower Austria

"I love my heart"

Wealth Health Project, Erwin Steiner

The "I Love my heart" project aims to get primary school children, their parents, families, and teachers moving and to teach them about how to have a healthy heart. This is achieved through easy-to-understand, multilingual cartoons, targeted breathing and relaxation exercises, and an additional hour of physical activity. "Run for fun" coaches organise separate PE lessons for younger pupils. Fourth-year children around the age of 10 are given an understanding of child and youth protection laws, medical equipment, first aid and self-diagnosis. Pupils improve their health literacy skills throughout their four years in primary school, before earning their "CARDIOEXPERT!" certificate in their final year.

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Healthy Living Prize for Europe category


Dementievriendelijk Roermond

City of Roermond, Betty Wilms

"Roermond, City for Everyone" is a movement aiming at the creation of a dementia-friendly society enabling people suffering from the disease to continue their participation in society, supporting caregivers and raising awareness. A professional coordinator was taken on to support the work groups. The priorities were distributing information and improving the communication between caregivers, care providers and policy makers. In 2017, the initiative addressed the main difficulties in the support and care system, developed information and training programmes and organised Alzheimer's Week in September.

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