The winners in 2014

Here is a list of all the winners of the Healthy Living Prize 2014.

Municipalities/Cities category

Winner for Austria

Bad Ischl Health Workshop

Prophylactic Health Association (PGA) and the Bad Ischl municipal authority, Bad Ischl/Upper Austria

The "Bad Ischl Health Workshop" helps people in difficult situations, for example single parents and the long-term unemployed, to lead healthy lives. The "health tutors" are given basic training and assigned 5-10 participants to join their health group, which meets regularly. Participants are encouraged to identify the factors that promote or prevent good health in their own circumstances and lifestyle and come up with suggestions for improvements.

Winner for Lower Austria

Rundum Gsund (All-round Health) in the Weinviertel

LEADER region Weinviertel East and ck gesundheitsmanagement, Weinviertel

Rundum Gsund in the Weinviertel is a regional health promotion project in the LEADER region of Weinviertel East. A total of 16 regional projects were carried out in 5 small areas. By focusing on aspects of mental and social health, which are improved by networking and participation in particular, the project contributed to both quality of life and regional awareness. Of special importance are the Health Officers in the small regions, who will in future be points of contact offering advice for projects in the region.

Companies category

Winner for Austria

Herzblut (Lifeblood)

Trumer Leistungsdiagnostik and Romantikhotel Gmachl, Elixhausen/Salzburg

The aim of this 2-year project at the Romantikhotel Gmachl is to provide lasting and positive motivation for the 90 employees to look after their health. Once a steering group had been set up and a detailed period of analysis completed, specific measures were planned in health working groups, for example fitness checks and yoga classes. Furthermore, a permanent post was created with responsibility for "corporate health promotion" at the company. Over the long term, health promotion will become a permanent part of everyday working life.

Winner for Lower Austria

Xund und fit (Healthy and fit)

Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre, Gross Gerungs

"Xund und fit" (Healthy and fit) in the workplace is the motto for corporate health promotion at the Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre in Gross Gerungs. There are always activities going on for the approximately 180 employees,  including cookery classes, cardio fitness training and relaxation courses. They are also able to suggest activities for the programme themselves or run a course if they have suitable training. Employees also have an Active Pass: every time you take part in a programme activity, you are given a stamp. When you have collected 4 stamps, you can have a free 25-minute massage as a reward.

Educational Institutions category

Winner for Austria

Xunde Riedenbörger (Healthy Riedenburgers)

Sacré Coeur Riedenburg Grammar School and HLW (Business Academy), Bregenz/Vorarlberg

The health promotion scheme "Xunde Riedenbörger" at Riedenburg schools is based on encouraging participation. Learning together rather than teaching, using different methods, individualisation and creativity are the watchwords here, to get the students interested. From the 1st to the 8th class, one health priority is taught across all subjects. Topics include diet, exercise, wellbeing, getting on with each other and addiction prevention. The teaching is in the form of "team pool" classes and workshops during regular lessons.

Winner for Lower Austria

Vital4Brain – exercise more, learn better

Bundesgymnasium Zehnergasse 15, Wiener Neustadt

In classes at the BUNDESGYMNASIUM ZEHNERGASSE, daily Vital4Brain exercises are incorporated into the lessons and students work through a 6-12 minute Vital4Brain module three times a week. A DVD has been produced to accompany the exercise programme. This allows all the teachers to incorporate Vital4Brain in their lessons after just four hours' training. Students in Year 7 are given several days of training to become a "peer coach" and look after the classes assigned to them by themselves, following a weekly timetable.

Private Initiatives category

Winner for Austria

loginclusion – Promoting good health among the poor and socially excluded

login – an association for social integration and health promotion, Vienna

The project "loginclusion" helps people who are affected by unemployment, isolation or poverty to become integrated in healthy networks and to rediscover their personal potential. The target groups are reached through organisations working in health, social services and the labour market. There are over 15 healthy and socially integrative group activities each week, such as exercise and relaxation classes, mindfulness training and experience-focused outdoor events as well as creative and nutrition workshops.

Winner for Lower Austria

Die Durchtrainierer – social running platform

Christian Eckel, Amstetten

The aim of Durchtrainierer is to make new social contacts and improve people's general state of health. Of course, there's a sporting element, too. But here it isn't the fastest who wins but the most hard-working. A scorecard is updated: if you keep a running appointment, you get a point or if you bring friends along, you get extra points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the season is the winner. New people with the same interests keep joining the group, forming a new social network.

Jury's Special Prize


Korneuburg Parent & Child Model, mobile children's nurses

Children's nurse Grete Melzer in partnership with Dr. Ferdinand Sator, Korneuburg

The "Korneuburg Parent & Child Model" is a family support system that focuses on illness prevention. The target group are families with children under the age of 14 where a child falls ill, who are recommended by the hospital or paediatrician. The special value lies in the early, free help that is provided for parents, early recognition of any social or medical needs and support for families in using their own resources. Advice is also given after childbirth on matters of child care, breastfeeding, nutrition and development.