The winners in 2012

Here is a list of all the winners of the Healthy Living Prize 2012.

Municipalities/Cities category

Winner for Austria

Health for homeless women, men and families in Vienna – a model for health promotion and illness prevention among homeless people

Institute for Women's and Men's Health: FEM and MEN, Vienna

The national prize in the "Municipalities/Cities" category this year goes to Vienna, to the project: "Health for homeless women, men and families in Vienna – a model for health promotion and illness prevention among homeless people". The project is run by the Institute for Women's and Men's Health: FEM and MEN. This project is characterised by a gender-sensitive and participative approach that is unique in this form in the German-speaking world. In 25 offices of Help the Homeless in Vienna, gynaecological, psychosocial, psychological and therapeutic services are available. The project takes account of the multifaceted nature of homelessness and the services are tailored to best meet the needs of those affected.

Winner for Lower Austria

Netzwerk Nachbar (Network Neighbour) – an initiative to support projects by and for citizens that promote harmonious coexistence in the neighbourhood

Tulln local authority

The prize for the best Lower Austrian initiative in the "Municipalities/Cities" category goes to "Network Neighbour – an initiative to support projects by and for citizens that promote harmonious coexistence in the neighbourhood", entered for the competition by Tulln local authority. The aim of the initiative is to encourage good neighbourliness, in order to counteract feelings of isolation and anonymity. The project is participative in nature, with the local population closely involved. Individuals can put forward useful suggestions which are implemented with the help of the local authority. Ideas that have been introduced so far include a "Generations Party" and "Cooking without Borders" to integrate new neighbours in the community, whether or not they have a migration background.

Companies category

Winner for Austria

Gesund arbeiten ohne Grenzen (Healthy work without borders)

Vienna Hospitals Association and FEM Süd

The national prize in the "Companies" category goes to  "Healthy work without borders", entered in the competition jointly by the Vienna Hospitals Association and the women's health centre FEM Süd. The aim of the project is to promote healthy living among women in low-paid jobs. These women in particular often do not have access to healthy activities because of language barriers. The target group is reached through multilingual, gender- and culture-sensitive campaigns, and people are encouraged to talk about and address their difficulties. The project then works with the companies to find solutions for problems such as stress, being overloaded by work and family responsibilities and being in a work situation at the bottom of the hierarchy. 

Winner for Lower Austria

Corporate health promotion for central employees at REWE International AG

REWE Group

The Lower Austrian prize in the "Companies" category went to the REWE Group for the initiative "Corporate health promotion for central employees at REWE International AG". The project was launched to identify the needs of office workers at the central companies so as to be able to offer them healthy activities. With the help of online health surveys and health working groups, some attractive healthy activities were suggested and a programme was designed. Activities include Zumba and yoga classes, information talks and workshops on subjects such as work/life balance and nutrition. About 1700 central workers benefit from the project's activities, which are based on a bio-psycho-social interpretation of healthy living.

Educational Institutions category

Winner for Austria

Healthy hearing in Styria's schools

Styrian Centre for Environmental Education

The national prize in the "Educational Institutions" category went to the project "Healthy hearing in Styria's schools", run by the Styrian Centre for Environmental Education. The health of young people's ears is increasingly at risk nowadays because of their lifestyle. Many young people can no longer imagine life without their MP3 player and regular visits to night clubs. The project is being implemented at 42 Styrian schools and actively involves the students. They learn about, study and consider for themselves various aspects related to healthy hearing. They are also taught basic knowledge about noise, hearing and the ear. What they learn is immediately put into practice – the students carry out their own noise measurements and then discuss the results and possible consequences.

Winner for Lower Austria

Experience the seasons with body, mind and appetite

Wolfpassing private primary school

The project "Experience the seasons with body, mind and appetite", submitted by the Wolfpassing alternative education private school, won the prize for the best initiative in Lower Austria. The aim is to make animals, plants, environmental matters, healthy eating and exercise integral parts of the school day.  Students can feed the chickens in the school's humane hen-house and clean out the pens. They gain experience of growing vegetables and herbs and learn how to cook them together in supervised cookery lessons. Regular exercise in the fresh air is an integral part of the curriculum. Wearing weather-appropriate clothing, the children spend half an hour in the school's garden three times a week.

Private Initiatives category

Winner for Austria

Soul Kitchen

Youth and Culture Club – "rumtrieb" mobile youth work project, Wiener Neustadt

The winner of the national prize in the "Private Initiatives" category is the "Soul Kitchen" project run by the Youth and Culture Club – "rumtrieb" mobile youth work project in Wiener Neustadt. The "Soul Kitchen" focuses on eating a healthy and informed diet consisting of fresh, regional produce. Once a week, a group of young people stir things up in the kitchen together. The main aim is for them to develop an awareness of high-quality, organic food, produced in environmentally-friendly conditions. Eating the meals that they have prepared together and talking about food allows the young people to reflect on their eating habits and take a more informed approach to their own health.

Winner for Lower Austria


"Healthy Tulln" Association

The "Kidscoaching" project run by the "Healthy Tulln" Association was chosen as the best initiative in Lower Austria in the "Private Initiatives" category. The project, which began in the USA, is intended to reduce violence in schools. How is that possible? By introducing arbitration – the children learn through communication and social skills to resolve conflicts in different ways. Teachers, students, parents and clubs at the school are all involved. Teachers receive coaching in how to teach things like "Taking a different perspective", "Self-control" and "Communication skills". They need to be able to train new children in conflict resolution and carry out refresher courses with the children.

Jury's Special Prize


Bewegte Schule - Schule bewegt (Schools on the move – school gets you on the move)

Working group in the Healthy Community of Zwettl, Zwettl/Hammerweg primary school

As there were so many high-quality entries, this year once again the jury decided to award a special prize. The focus was on "Encouraging more exercise in daily life". The prize goes to the "Schools on the move – school gets you on the move" project entered by the working group in the Healthy Community of Zwettl and the Zwettl/Hammerweg primary school. There are three main elements to the project: nutrition, exercise and mental health. The subject of nutrition is addressed with campaigns like "Diet detective", where children award bonus points to other children who bring healthy snacks to school. An exercise programme is intended to help improve the children's coordination. Consequently, alongside regular lessons, there is a wide range of exercise activities, such as active breaks. The children are taught relaxation methods and given help with concentration to improve their mental health.