The winners in 2008

Here is a list of all the winners of the Healthy Living Prize 2008.

Municipalities/Cities category

Winner for Austria

agenetwork – psychosocial care for people in old people's and care homes

Elisabeth Grünberger, agenetwork – psychosoziale Betreuung GmbH

The nationwide prize in the "Municipalities/Cities" category went to Vienna. The aim of the project is to build up a complete network of relationships for older people, which is tailored to meet their particular needs, by providing different kinds of care such as crisis intervention, individual and group care.

Winner for Lower Austria

Healthy living platform: Healthy Tulln

Doris Weisel, Healthy Tulln

This project focuses not only on exercise and diet but also on mental health and social wellbeing. The project offers the population of Tulln high-quality courses and events at affordable prices in order to raise awareness of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.

Companies category

Winner for Austria

Programme for apprentices: Gesund in die Zukunft (Towards a Healthy Future)

Martin Süss, Mondi Business Paper

The main focus of the project is on raising the apprentices' all-round awareness of health through practical examples. The project has its roots in an existing concept of apprentice training, which not only covers technical training but also prioritises safety in the workplace, keeping healthy at work, the environment and training in personal and language skills. The methodology of the seminars particularly emphasises the practical aspects.

Winner for Lower Austria

Ich fühl mich wohl... (I feel good...) Promoting good health for people with disabilities

Michaela Engl, Caritas

The aim of the project is to raise awareness and help and encourage people to take responsibility for their health, illness prevention, exercise, relaxation and diet. In all the various services and interventions that are offered in connection with these five key elements, target group-appropriate communication is of the utmost importance.

Educational Institutions category

Winner for Austria

Lovetour – sex advice and education

Ulrike Fraunberger, Linz Prophylactic Health Association

The project offers advice and information on three levels. Firstly, through workshops in a converted bus that visits local communities, youth centres and schools in Upper Austria. Secondly, via the website and, thirdly, in the book "Love, Sex and so many Questions", and the "Love Lexicon".

Winner for Lower Austria

Die gefinkelten Fünf (The crafty five)

Dr. Ulrike Haydn-Raab, HLW Zwettl (Business Academy)

The aim of the project is, with relatively few resources in terms of time, organisation and materials, to give schoolchildren the opportunity to introduce more exercise into the school day and in this way raise awareness of their own bodies.

Private Initiatives category

Winner for Austria

Mobil sein - dabei sein! (Be mobile - be involved!) Encouraging mobility and preventing falls

Dr. Christa Erhart, Centre for Generations & Accessible Living

By offering different mobility and fall prevention services at different levels, the project aims to enable older people to lead an independent, normal life characterised by participation and self-determination for as long as possible. The main focus of the work is on helping older people to take responsibility for their own safety and health.

Winner for Lower Austria

Care by midwives in the premedical phase, a salutogenic approach

Beatrix Cmolik, Mütterstudio NÖ

The midwives at the Mütterstudio NÖ are there for any women to speak to, from when they are planning a pregnancy until they finish breastfeeding. They offer easy and uncomplicated access to highly-qualified, experienced midwives. Partnerships with physio- and psychotherapists and social workers enable everyone's individual needs to be catered for.

Jury's Special Prize


Check an Angel – guardian angel at the wheel

Municipality of Bruck/Mur

The project encourages young drivers to stay sober at parties and take themselves and their friends home safely at the end of the evening. They commit themselves to be "guardian angels" and in return are served discounted alcohol-free drinks at party venues.